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AAAPC delivers substantial benefits to create a solid foundation on which to establish cost-effective global commerce.


  • We Save You Time, Money and Manpower

We've already done the legwork for you. With AAAPC we already have team members stationed in China and USA. We've spent months completing quality audits and validating each facility for each product offering. We've established the best practices and protocol of manufacturing and product procurement. These are money saving, timesaving, manpower saving benefits that AAAPC offers.


  • We Understand The Business Culture 

You want the best materials and best products from your offshore source. To obtain the best product, it's imperative to have a firm handle on the local business climate and customs. AAAPC offers that.

With networks and offices strategically located within Asia and other parts of the world, as well as dual headquarters in Detroit, the United States and Shanghai, China, AAAPC's multicultural business staff is well versed in regional and global business practices. We are up to date with government regulations and agencies that monitor global trading. Plus, we've built strong ties with scores of quality, leading-edge manufacturers.


  • We Provide On-Going Dependable Support 

AAAPC works around the world AND around the clock to give you superior customer support. Our global team will constantly monitor all facets of your supply process, so when you have questions, regardless what time it is, we are working to give you the answers. What's more, should unforeseen problems arise, our local manpower is on the scene working to protect your interests and resolve issues quickly.


  • We Communicate On Two Levels: Personal & Technological

AAAPC employs a diverse group of educated business professionals who are fluent in different languages. Our multi-lingual capabilities not only open doors to some of the best overseas partners, but they ensure that your product specifications are never lost in translation.

To remain a leader in this industry, AAAPC runs on the leading edge of technology. Our offices are networked together around the globe. Through the use of our extensive technological network of mainframe computers to IP phones, we can communicate from continent to continent. And thanks to videoconferences, the other side of the world is now as close as a computer monitor.

Our elite personal and technological communication capabilities help us bring the four corners of the world together to acquire the best prices, materials and products for your project.


  • We'll Find Your Perfect Fit

We know the regions of the world that supply the highest quality, most cost-effective product in every category. But before any business project is set into motion, manufacturers must pass a rigorous inspection and be capable of meeting AAAPC standards of excellence.

AAAPC only chooses partners who have:

- Environmentally secure locations and operations

- Existing ISO 9000 & TS16949 compliance, or an aggressive development plan

- Current and projected financial stability

- An appropriate managerial attitude to form a lasting

- Highly computerized operations in production, finance, and communication

- Implementation of lean manufacturing principles

- An aggressive employee development plan

- Clear administrative and managerial flexibility to effectively react to program changes

- Leading edge technical/engineering capability

- A realistic cost analysis system

- An exceptional delivery history

After selecting the supplier that best fits your need, we initiate a rigorous quality assurance program. To ensure you receive a high-quality product, we closely monitor all aspects of the production process, from materials, product design and engineering, to calibration, packaging and delivery.

To ensure you receive the most cost-effective, highest quality product, AAAPC reviews every aspect of the project prior to entering into a contract.