AAAPC - Specialists in Global Supply

Today, there are no longer multiple economies, but one world market!  Finding the right trading partners and overseas suppliers to help you achieve growth  and improve profits can be a challenging and time consuming task filled with uncertainty and risk.  Questions about quality, timeliness, certifications, inventory management and controls plus  language barriers, customs, finance and time differences makethe idea of sourcing  overseas even more complex.  Many companies enter into global sourcing without fully appreciating the impact this will have  on time and other resources. Supplier selection and management,quality control and progress reporting are just a few of the issues that must be considered.
This is where AAAPC can be of help.
Our team of professional staffs, with the support of our offices overseas,  ensures that our customers can purchase products globally whilst enjoying the benefits of  dealing with a local supplier.We have been successful at helping companies locate the right  trading partners for import and export opportunities.
Our competitive, high quality supplier base has benefited many reputable and well-known clients in both sides of Pacific Ocean. We have been successful in significantly reducing the purchasing costs of bought-in materials for our client base, serving the Automotive, Acoustic/Thermal Insulation, Automotive Sealant, Plastic Molding and other industries.
We provide value added services and expertise to minimize risk and streamline the supply chain to close the gap between overseas suppliers and domestic manufacturers.
We look forward to putting our 20+ years of experience, relationships and contacts to work for you and connecting you with a world of opportunities and growth !
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